• Designation: Creative Director
  • Company: HTDS

Team Information

  • Address: Carrer de l´Esquirol 3, local 2,
  • City: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Phone: (+34) 931 708 323
  • Email: info@hiroshitsunoda.com

Hiroshi Tsunoda is a Japanese designer established in Barcelona since 2000.
His fascination for the American culture, made him move to Chicago and then study design in the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, USA.

In 2005 Hiroshi decided to found his own studio in Barcelona (www.hiroshitsunoda.com). His studio offers a variety of different services all in the line of design, through medias such as product design, furniture design, conceptual design, interior design and graphic design.

Hiroshi also runs DesignCode (www.designcode.es), a product editorial company based with the idea of sensational design within everyone’s reach.

His designs has been showed around the world: Barcelona, London, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Hangzhou, Moscow… and he has participated in a huge number of talks and events in many countries.

Hiroshi has combined his career as a designer with university teaching. He also had realized a huge number of workshops.