Design is everything, Everything is designed.

HTDS is an independent design studio with a distinct vision. We believe in taking the meaning of creative designing one step further by emphasizing that the outcome of our projects be as innovative as possible. We believe in challenging boundaries. One of our most important aims is to integrate our creative designing philosophy into new and unexpected contexts. We manage to do this by continuously seeking new and progressive projects to venture into. We offer from traditional industrial designing to custom-made commissions, our team of professionals led by Hiroshi Tsunoda offers a variety of different services all in the line of design.

We work through media such as product design, furniture design, conceptual design, interior design and graphic design. We specialize in developing projects with aesthetic, practical, ecological, commercial and cost-effective productions. In order for the end results of our projects to be as satisfying as possible, we maintain a close dialogue with our clients throughout the whole designing process. We offer our services in English, Spanish, Catalan, and Japanese. We are a multi-cultural group of young people welded together by our passion for creative designing. We love what we do and we would like to think that our positive working environment is reflected in the result of our work. Our studio is located in Borne, the center of the old town in Barcelona.


Hiroshi Tsunoda
Creative Director / Designer

Anna Pedrol Freixes
Chief Designer / Project Manager