Ochiai is a well known japanese pastry in Barcelona founded by Takashi Ochiai in 1983. Mr.Ochiai was in the process to create a new japanese sweet when we met and he asked me to design a packaging for it.

Mochiai and Minimochi are an interpretation of the most famous Ochiai pastry: the Daifukus. Those pastries are very colorful and visually very attractive so the packaging was thought from the very beginning to expose the sweets and also as a gift box. Following the japanese esthetic tendency those boxes were designed to show all the details of the content with a formal simplicity of the whole pack. In the other hand, using the white color has been a must: the fact that it’s not a commonly used color in japanese pastry enhances the artisanal “savoir faire” of Ochiai’s house.

As a complement of the pastry boxes we created the bags for Mochiai and Minimochi, made out of a plane sheet of thin cardboard inspired in the Origami japanese techniques. It can easily be folded up into a bag to contain the Mochiai and Minimochi. Each bag is thought for up to 5 pastry boxes. The whole pack has been designed under a sustainable optic of material and space saving.

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  • Year: 2016
  • Packaging design
  • Project: HTDS