The idea of redesigning an advent calendar had been in my mind for a few years now, and thanks to the strong relationship we have established with Chocolatfactory, the perfect opportunity came up this year.

Usually, Advent calendars have a very childish look, and I wanted one which would be attractive for both adults and kids, elegant and fun at the same time. A decorative object meant for the holidays, and full of chocolate.

Our concept was based on creating an object with which the whole family could interact during Christmas, apart from eating the fantastic chocolate from Chocolatfactory. Thereby, when you receive the calendar, you will enjoy assembling it along with your family. Put up the structure, place the little boxes on their place… we tried to evoke the feeling of putting up the Christmas tree at home. What an illusion! Once December begins, and after eating your daily dose of chocolate, you can put the little box back in place and turn it around… and on the 24th a surprise message will appear. Someone’s had enough of after-dinner conversations? Well, we have a challenge for them: put together the puzzle hidden behind the little boxes.

We wish you the sweetest Christmas with this advent calendar.


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  • Year: 2016
  • Packaging design
  • Project: HTDS